NOVEMBER 1, 2013


Tomas Regalado isn’t just running for reelection, he says he’s running “for a mandate.”

A mandate for what?

The job of mayor of Miami is largely ceremonial with few real powers.  So what kind of “mandate” is he looking for?  An just what would constitute the signs of a “mandate?”

He currently has 3 opponents.  None of them have raised enough money to by a bottle of champagne in many Miami Beach nightclubs, much less finance a political campaign for the mayor of a major American city.

Jeff Benjamin has raised $6,494, Tom Baumann has raised $164,00 and Williams Armbrister hasn’t raised a penny.

In comparison, the Miami Herald earlier this week reported that Regalado had of October 11th, raised $591.257 in his campaign account and another $456,455 in his Electioneering Communications Organization account, for a total of  $1,047,712.00.

What the Herald failed to report is that of that $591,257,.00 Regalado collected $60,125.00 of that amount AFTER Francis Suarez withdrew from the race, and that another $59,995.00 was collected after September 11th by his CEO, making a total of $120,120.00 that he collected after it was apparent that he had been reelected by default.

So again, what kind of “mandate” is Tomas Regalado looking for, and why?

He really, never had any real competition, and even though Francis Suarez had raised considerable money, the evidence of just how poorly his campaign was being run even before he was forced to withdraw, the notion that Regalado was ever in trouble nothing but a red herring argument.

Nor has Regalado articulated any proposals or plans for his next term other than not raising taxes.  So if his quest for a mandate is based on gaining support for new ideas for the city he hasn’t proposed any, and of the plans he keeps talking about that he proposed during his first term, some of those may yet come to bite him in the ass.

Even his much ballyhooed support by his base is predicated on buying that support and votes. 

In a post by Armando Gutierrez shill, Nelson Horta on his website Nelson Horta Reporta, there is more to the story that Horta would reveal.

No doubt it was great theater, but many of the supposed die-hard old Cuban supporters of Regalado were bused in from low income and assisted living facilities on tour buses, and as always, they were lured on the promise of a bus ride and free food.

It seems that 94 Aero Club must have some magical powers over Miami politicians because this is the same restaurant where Richard Dunn II, candidate for City Commissioner in District 5 also spent some campaign cash on 4 occasions in recent months.

So at the end of the day when you cut through all the bullshit and jive, you got a candidate for Mayor of Miami who has out raised his opponents by over 160 to 1, refused to participate in any debates, has pandered to old people by giving them free food and trinkets on holidays and paid for them to be bused to his campaign events, and had made sure that his family - in this case his daughter and son, along with senior members of his city staff - were paid handsomely from campaign funds  for minimal effort.

Put it all together and what do you have?

The same, exact kind of campaign that Banana Republic dictators regularly run to stay in office in their countries. 

If you get past the illusion that what happens in Miami is what happens in any other American city then what Tomas Regalado wants is what Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, Papa Doc Duvalier and every other tinhorn dictator ever wanted: he wants to be elected with at least 90% of the vote so as to provide him and his gang cover as they plunder and loot the city for the next 4 years under the guise that they have a “mandate” to do whatever they want.

Given his resources, the lack of any real competition, and the failure of the news media to adequately report on what his administration has tried and often succeeded in doing over the last 4 years, who’s to say that he won’t succeed.

Next week we’ll see how close he comes.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Miami, bitches. 



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