JULY 24, 2013


Regardless of the reason, it’s becoming more and more evident that Miami is going to be one of the poster cities for the effects of global warming in the next few decades, including a possibility of having parts of the coastline sliding underwater within the next century.

Well before then, the odds are pretty good that one or more major hurricanes will hit the South Florida coastline with enough water from an increased storm surge caused by the rising sea levels to create real havoc.

There are folks who think about this a lot and who have been working trying to prepare the general population of all the costal communities in Florida for such an eventuality.

One of the principal things that folks in Tallahassee did in 2012 was to amend the State of Florida Building Code to require that all new building within what has been identified as Costal “A” Zones must now be built above the level of the storm surge.

Unfortunately, given the morons currently on the Miami City Commission, along His Ignorance, Mayor Tomas Regalado, it should not come as a surprise that the City of Miami earlier this year made part their legislative goals opting-out from these provisions.

Here ‘s the language that was in the 2013 City of Miami Legislative Agenda.

Yep, that’s right.  The City of Miami went to Tallahassee to try and gut the Florida Building Code, largely for the benefit of a handful of high-rise condo developers. Currently there are supposedly over 30 new condo projects in various stages of development with more being announced every week, and many, if not most of them are scheduled to be built within the boundaries of District 2.

Yet, in spite of all of this, you haven’t read a word about the Costal “A” Zones or the intent of the City to try and opt-out of those requirements in the Miami Herald? Nor have you read about it in Miami Today? Nor have you heard anything  about it on any of the local TV stations?

The silence on this effort is deafening. In the wake of the Rolling Stone article about what could befall South Florida in the next few decades as a result of global warming, the fact that the City of Miami was out there trying to gut the Florida Building Code for the benefit of developers is actually a pretty amazing story?

But, you’ll only read about it here.

As it stands today, there are a large number of people, including me who believe that a large Category 5 storm coming across the metropolitan areas of Miami and Miami Beach could probably create enough damage and destruction to put a number of insurance companies - Citizens among them - either into bankruptcy or out of business, and the threat of financial disaster for everyone in South Florida will only continue to get worse as sea levels rise.

Over at EYE ON MIAMI, they’ve been posting a series of stories about the ice melt in Iceland. Iceland is a long way from Miami, yet, what is happening there will eventually impact us here.

The decision by the City of Miami to try and gut the Florida Building Code through an effort to opt-out from the provisions of Costal “A” Zone building requirements - and make no mistake, if they had been successful, then every other costal community in Florida would have jumped on the bandwagon demanding that they be allowed to opt out too - underscores a very serious problem of not only are the elected officials in the City of Miami acting against the best interests of the citizens and on behalf of the interests of a small number of developers, but also underscores the terrible lack of serious reporting on what goes on inside Miami City Hall.

Miami deserves a lot better, but unfortunately, neither the politicians nor the local news media appear capable of rising to the occasion.

It’s Miami, Bitches!


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