JANUARY 6, 2014

Last year, 8 of the top 10 stories in my annual Year End Wrap Up dealt in one way or another with the Miami Police Department.

From the Chief illegally authorizing free police security for art dealer Gary Nadar, to his admitting under oath that he violated the City Charter by dealing with the members of the City Commission and the Mayor directly to do them favors, as well as his calling his officers “snitches” for providing me with information on illegal activities going on within the department, the Chief managed to demonstrate that his behavior and judgement were not likely to win him any recognition as a leader worthy of being emulated.

Then there were the stories that I broke about the cops providing protection to an illegal gambling operation in Liberty City and the cases of assault, perjury and bad behavior by Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz and his pal Edward Lugo.  Thugs In Uniform I called them, and many agreed, especially since I was able to back up my claims with damming documents and court records.

And then of course there was my Top Story Of The Year; the falsifying of the Arrest Report, and possible planting of a gun to frame a street level drug dealer named Robert Stewart. That story turned out to be part of a far larger story dealing with the Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) that also involved the conviction in federal court of Sgt. Raul Iglesias for stealing drugs and money from drug dealers and lying to the FBI.

There was another part of this story that I was remiss in writing about last year.  That story was how the Miami Police Department, after the CSU was disbanded last April, has operated since then WITHOUT a Street Narcotics Unit. In addition to narcotics, CSU was also the specialized unit that handled all the other crimes generally associated with vice. In short, the city which owes so much to the fame of a fictional Miami Vice Unit, no longer has a real Miami Vice Unit.

When the unit was disbanded last April, it was because all of the cops who had been part of it were considered compromised as a result of the revelations regarding their behavior during the Iglesias case as well as the revelations in my story.  Almost everyone believed that once the dust settled, a new unit would be organized.

That never happened.

So, in a city where the street level narcotic trade is not only visible to anyone who drives down many of Miami’s streets, but where so many of the killings and shootings reported,, sometimes daily on local TV news shows are the result of a drug deal gone bad, the fact that the Miami Police Department doesn’t have a street level narcotics unit anymore is actually quite astounding.

My sources in and outside of the department tell me that the real reason for the refusal of the Chief to reinstitute a street narcotics unit is that Mayor Tomas Regalado - the “little peeples” Mayor - decided that the best way to avoid the possibility of anymore Black men in the ghetto being shot by cops, as was the case during the first years of his administration, was to do away with the Crime Suppression Unit, and instead leave the problem to regular street cops, along with the occasional showy roundup of the most obvious drug dealers in housing projects like “Pork & Beans,” who all but walk around with signs on their backs proclaiming themselves as dope dealers. 

The majority of low level drug dealers, unhampered by having to worry about undercover cops, surveillance, and/or informants could to do their thing with little fear of arrest, and if along the way if a deal went bad and they killed each other, so much the better.

The occasional shooting of children and bystanders would be unfortunate, but the good thing, from the City, and Mayor’s point of view was that none of the drug dealers families would be able to start screaming police brutality or start demanding for more federal investigations, or worse, try to sue the city, nor would there be anymore drawn out “investigations”s of police shootings by the State Attorney.

If you think I’m making this up, or kidding, go drive around the outskirts of Wynwood, Overtown or Liberty City and see how many potential drug dealers you can spot eyeing you as you go by, and then watch the local TV channels for a month, and keep track of how many people are killed or wounded during that month, and how many of those shootings took place in the City of Miami, and were alleged to be drug related.

The biggest problem with the Miami Police Department today is a failure of leadership by the Chief of Police to defend his department and his city against the corrupt political interference and demands being imposed by Tomas Regalado through his sock puppet City Manager, Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez.

In 2014, unless the US Justice Department gets off of their asses and quits claiming that the federal sequester is hampering their efforts to come down here and clean up the Miami Police Department pig sty, things are destined to get a lot worse.

Below is just my first police story of the year that explains how that will happen.PLANTING_GUNS_ON_SUSPECTS.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0


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