JANUARY 2, 2011

How could we start the New Year without a story about one of our favorite pals, Angel Zayon, the Idiot Of The City!?!

The Mayor’s “4th son” distinguished himself last year by forcing his wife onto welfare and food stamps as a punishment for deciding to divorce him.

Always a class act, our pal Angel.

He also seems to be at the center of an upcoming Civil Service hearing where he manueverd to get his pal Luis Cabrera to fire or transfer a couple folks from City Hall as a way to consolidate his little power base which I just learned about, and which I’m sure will provide for interesting viewing whenever the case comes up for a hearing.

And then of course there’s Madeline Pacheco.  Who could forget Madeline?  It seems that Angel could, because she’s no longer hanging out in Communications, and is now back down in the Grants Department where Regalado and Zayon conspired to have a $67,000 job created just for her and her special abilities.

But sadly, the real news about Zayon continues to be about his divorce.  Besides screwing over his wife and children with his nasty little bitch attitude, he also never managed to get along with his lawyers - real lawyers cost money, and Angel keeps trying to claim poverty - and over the course of the divorce proceedings he’s taken to representing himself.

And that’s where it gets interesting, because Zayon is a moron that  managed last year to provide folks with some laughs over the press releases he issued, that included mis-spellings and bad grammer.

Yet, in a recent set of court filings, Zayon has filed motions that were obviously written by a real attorney.  Given that he no longer has an attorney, and no private attorney is going to start doing all this work for free, the big question is, who is doing Zayon’s legal work.

The Crespo-Gram Report has it on very reliable information that an Assistant City Attorney, on city time has been giving Zayon a helping hand.

Yes, when it comes to the City Attorney’s office, there’s very little in the way of favors and questionable legal behavior that the folks there won’t engage in for Regalado and his closest cronies.

Here’s one of Zayon’s recent legal motions.  Trust me, this moron doesn’t have the smarts to have written this.  To read a larger version, or to look at several other motions filed by Zayon, click on the document.

Focus on the argument that Zayon makes about his wife’s attorney not being allowed to seek documents through a public records request, and you’ll begin to appreciate just how crazy he, and everyone else close to Regalado has become about trying to stop folks from exercising their rights as a citizen to obtain public records, and then understand that this bullshit argument was actually crafted by a Miami Assistant City Attorney.