DECEMBER 19, 2012

The above police cars belong to ON DUTY cops who are supposed to be patrolling the Wynwood, Mid-Town sections of Miami.  Instead they are parked in the private parking lot of art dealer Gary Nadar’s Art Gallery on NE 27th Street.

During Art Basel, Nadar supposedly sold $20 million dollars worth of art at an auction held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on Miami Beach, including a Monet that went for $8.8 million.

With the kind of money he made on commissions, Nadar could have gone out and hired Blackwater Security to bring in an armed team that could have surrounded his building with M4 machine guns, to protect the millions of dollars of art supposedly waiting transfer or pickup.

I’ve written about Nadar in the past when he plopped a bunch of his sculptures along the sidewalk at Bayfront Park during Art Basel a couple years ago and tried to get the OMNI CRA to give him $25,000 to print a brochure.  He did get the DDA to pony up tens of thousands to pay for the security guards that were hired to guard those sculptures, and now has managed to get either the Mayor - who hosted a Christmas Party for the Consular Corp at the gallery last year - or our favorite Commissioner, Ethics himself, to order Chief of Police Manny Orosa to have ON DUTY police park in Nadar’s parking lot to protect his art work.

With all the problems currently impacting the Miami Police Department the notion that either the Mayor, or Commissioner “Ethics,” or both of them together, along with the spineless, useless City Manager, “The Doormat” himself, would authorize and condone this abuse of police, and put the tab of protecting this art gallery on the backs of the taxpayers, is just an unconscionable abuse of power and misuse of public money.

And as for the Chief of Police, Manny Orosa, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not standing up against this!  And if by chance the claim is that his insurance policy requires ON DUTY police to guard his premises, and that he’ll pay the City back, then the response from the City should be, keep your money and go get insurance somewhere else.

The City already is understaffed and plagued with dirty cops still on duty, and using ON DUTY police for any other reason other than policing the streets is absolute BULLSHIT!http://blogs.artinfo.com/abovetheestimate/2012/12/10/monet-leads-gary-naders-20-million-basel-week-auction/http://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_11_link_0
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