JANUARY 13, 2011



To illustrate that just behind the fancy video things in Regaladoland are purring along with their usual incompetence, below is the press release about this initiative issued by The Idiot Of The City, Angel Zayon.

The flyer give a website that residents can visit http://www.miamibelieve.com/, to learn more about the program.

I did when the press release was issued, and this is what popped up. On Friday,  24 hours later, it’s still screwed up.

The failure to pay attention to the small stuff, like linking up the  web page is just one more example in a long list of examples of both the gross incompetence of Angel Zayon, who seems with each passing month on the job to grow stupider, and the fact that like the Wizard Of Oz, the only thing this crowd is ever really interested in is the phony facade.


And what about the choice of who the Mayor decided to include as sponsors, starting with only 2 of the 5 Dwarfs on the City Commission.

Was this a bone that His Ignorance gave them by making them his co-sponsors, or is this Michelle Spence-Jones pulling the strings and starting to flex her muscles now that she’s figured out that the rest of the Dwarfs are both scared to death of her, yet mesmerized by her populism rap?

Could it be that it was Spence-Jones who decided that the other 3 Dwarfs weren’t worthy of being included as named sponsors for this event. For sure, she doesn’t like to share credit, and this campaign doesn’t seem all that focused on sizable parts of the city.


What’s really amazing about this proposal is that on the same day they decided to announce it, the Regalado administration, already planning a 3rd round of budget cuts, had a resolution before the City Commission that would result in more city employees being fired and replacing them with part-time employees from a Temp Agency. 

Now, this is something that will get a lot of city employees believing - believing that this administration is out to screw them even worse than they’ve been screwed already.


What about those sponsors. Comcast, Clear Channel Outdoor, Fuel Outdoor and US Century Bank.

US Century Bank is the perfect bank to be associated with any scheme undertaken by His Ignorance that involves believing in the power of positive thinking.

In a scathing investigative story by Pro Publica a few months ago, they did a story of how this bank, that used to have Sergio Pino on its Board of Directors - another upstanding example of a public spirited citizen who believes in positive thinking, along with keeping a close personal relationship with the State Attorney - used the bank as a personal “ATM” for its board members.

Maybe the city can do another video and get Pino to get on camera to talk about his Belief In Miami. Better yet, maybe he could start a class that could help teach the poorer citizens of Miami on how to become inspired to become insider wheeler-dealers like and his pals have managed to do.

Or how about FUEL Outdoor Advertising?  Those are the folks that keep slapping the beer ads on the side of the city’s MRC building.  There’s nothing more empowering for one of the poorest cities in America than to encourage folks to drink beer by having the city allow it’s building to be used as a billboard.

I wonder if FUEL will substitute a mural promoting Believe In Miami, for this beer ad?


There is nothing inherently wrong with trying to spark some individual as well as community spirit in the residents of Miami, and each of the participants in the promotional video put together by the city have compelling personal stories, but the reality of Miami overwhelms even the best of personal stories of accomplishment.

As I was writing the paragraph above, I received an email from a CrespoGram reader who watched yesterday’s City Commission meeting where Commissioner Francis Suarez spent his first day as the Chairman. He sent me a list of highlights that the Commissioner should be focused on, and which can as easily  serve as a list of items that need to be addressed before the residents of Miami can start believing in their city and its government.   The portion in Yellow is an update after I received an emal from the person who created the list below and condeded that he had incorrectly implied in his first letter that the Commissioner had made the observations from the dais.

I thought when I first received this email that the list was a rather ambitious effort on the Commissioner’s part in detailing all of these obvious problems, but just figured that the Commissioner was a regular reader of the CrespoGram report and had taken my posts to heart. Here is the sentence fragment that the above revision substitutes. sent me the highlights of Commissioner Suarez’s observations from the Dais.

  1. 1)     The city has been without a head in Office of the Auditor 

         General for more than 6 months (conveniently)

  1. 2)     City has been between $60 and $100 million in deficit for

         the last two years due to over spending - and is presently

         $30 million in deficit so far this year

  1. 3)     Morale of the city employees is at the lowest in the history

         of the city

  1. 4)     Many violations in public records requests – lawsuits


  1. 5)     The City’s credit and Bond ratings took major hits in the

         last year (requiring purchase of insurance to be able to sell

         the bonds)

  1. 6)     Cock fights between the Mayor and Chief of Police dragged

         on for 9 months until an embarrassing charade of a

         kangaroo-commission hearing ousting Exposito

7)     The maquinitas fiasco…

  1. 8)    There are two SEC investigations and 1 IRS audit in

        process right now against the city

  1. 9)    Angel Zayon is an idiot (confirmed), but still breast-feeds  

        off of Papi Tomasito

  1. 10)  There have been 3 City Managers and 5 Assistant CM's 

        in the last 18 months  (albeit 1 just for fun)

  1. 11)  The city hired over 200 people in spite of a hiring freeze

        in the last two years

  1. 12)  The city paid an employee for 10 months to sit at home


  1. 13)  Distrustful community due to 7 black men killed in the

        street by police

  1. 14)  A police officer gets pulled over by a trooper – causing

        another embarrassing public “cock fight” between police

        and FHP

  1. 15)  An Assistant Fire Chief gets arrested then convicted of

        mortgage and wire fraud – but paid over $150k while

        awaiting trial at home - and no one brings it up at


  1. 16)  Marlins stadium and parking garage contracts were the

        latest in series of major errors from the city attorneys office

  1. 17)  Unable to hire police or any persons for regular jobs due

        to outrageous delays in HR processing time

  1. 18)  City violated it’s own charter in instituting the “Katherine

        Rundle-Fernandez Way” street renaming

19)   Constant Payroll department snafu’s

  1. 20)  Most of the leadership team has changed over twice in

        the last 18 months

  1. 21)  The commission has been oddly quiet regarding the mega-

        casino deal at the doorstep

  1. 22)  In 2011 alone, the City of Miami was named “Worst Run

        City in the Nation” by WallStreet 247  (in addition to “Most

        Rude”, “Most Dangerous”, and “Most Vain”)

It’s impossible to square these problems with a notion that the residents of Miami should suspend a belief in reality to Believe In Miami.

Even in Regaladoland where up is down, black is white, lies are truth and ignorance stands for intelligence, that’s really asking too much.

But then again, I can’t repeat this too often: follow the money on this one!

When the going gets rough, those looking for a little mis-direction along with an eye on screwing the pooch usually start reaching for the smoke and mirrors.  Above is the video that the City of Miami posted on it’s website Thursday to start it’s new campaign about Believing In Miami.

The real question is just what exactly do they want people to  Believe In Miami about?  And more importantly, given that this is being initiated by none other than His Ignorance, the Mayor - who’s going to keep an eye on the money that’s bound to be part of this initiative?

Image campaigns are all about feeling good, but often behind the scenes, someone(s) with their eye on the piggy bank is looking for a way to cash in on these feel good schemes.

Given that it’s it’s taxpayer money at stake, before everyone starts waving the flag and singing God Bless America and Moon Over Miami, somebody needs to ONE important question: how much taxpayer money is going to be spent trying to convince the residents of the city that they need to Start Believing In Miami?

Follow The Money: If there was ever a crowd that merited this motto being tattooed on their foreheads, it’s Regalado and anyone he embraces.


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