MAY 21, 2012



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Over the last 2 years that I’ve been writing about the City of Miami I have seen and heard a lot of stupid shit, but without doubt an email that I received in response to a public records request I made last week to get the names of all of the young women that have been shuffled through the City’s Communication’s Department, is without doubt the most insane explanation of a City policy that I have read to date.

Here is what I wrote to Beverly Pruitt, the City’s Director of Human Resources.

        “In whatever format you have it, I would like to have the

        documents that identifies all of the employees of the City

        of Miami Communications Department since Mr. Zayon

        has been the Director/Chief, including ALL of the young

        women that have been showing up there for brief periods

        of time as temporary employees, provided by Temp


Sounds reasonable, don’t you think.  I’d been told that a number of young women have been parading though the doors of the Communication’s Department since Zayon took over, and since they did so as temporary employees, I wanted to know who they were, and why Zayon needed so many temps.

This is the answer I got from a employee in the City’s Personnel Department. 

        “(W)e (HR) do not maintain information regarding

        agency temps as they are not considered City


Let that sink in!  The City of Miami doesn’t keep information on as many as 224 temporary employees who are wandering around the MRC Building, the Police Department and City Hall - with access to all manner of information - because they claim that these people are not city employees!


The City of Miami can’t account for who the temporary employees in their midst are, but last fall, when Luis Cabrera quit taking his medications and temporarily lost his mind - it remains a question of whether this was a temporary condition - not only was I banned from the MRC Building, but in the aftermath, the City, at the direction of Cabrera, went to extraordinary lengths to create a whole new set of Administrative Procedure Memorandums  (APM) intended to make sure that they kept track of my entry into the building, and to keep track of my public records requests.

The City might claim that they don’t keep track of temporary employees, but they damn sure went out of their way to keep track of ME!

In addition to having to sign in, I know from first hand experience that when I show up at the MRC, phone calls start being made alerting key people around the building that I am there.  In addition, there have been occasions when La Rata has shown up in offices that I am at to see who I’m talking with, and to find out what I wanted after I leave.

So, when the City of Miami wants to keep track of someone they have all the resources to make it happen, but obviously when it comes to the Temp employees in their midst with access to the city’s computers, documents, vehicles and perhaps even it’s money, the city’s Human Resources Department claims that they’re clueless as to who these people are.

Worse is the fact that it appears that no one really want to know who these people are!

For a while now, the gossip involving Zayon - besides the gossip associated with his divorce - were the number of young, attractive women showing up to work in the City’s Communications Department.

It has even been rumored, although without proof, that Zayon was using the city’s Communications Department as a backdrop for a moonlighting venture where he brings these wanna-be young women who want to be TV presenters or “reporters” in for a 2 or 3 week spin, allowing them to walk out with a employment reference for their resume.

Before Zayon went to work for the City, and even for a period after he started working for the City, he was a partner with John Ruiz in the La Ley Broadcasting School, one of those “modeling schools” where young people could end up paying a lot of money on the notion that they could become the next big time sports announcer, or Vanna White.  

In fact, in the very first story that I wrote about Zayon, I reported that it was being rumored then that Zayon had plans to bring La Ley students to work as interns in the
Communications Department. (See the section titled: LA LEY IS IN THE HOUSE.)

Since showing up to work at the MRC in January of 2011, Zayon has had an ego thing about parading around with these young women, giving some folks reason to speculate that among the reasons that he struts around like some sort of Pimp Daddy is that he must have a really small dick and the women are there to compensate for “El Tennie Weenie.”

Of course, this all takes place in Regaladoland, where little dicks and little brains go hand-in-hand with little ethics and even littler scruples.

What Zayon has been doing is no secret.  Everyone, starting with the Mayor, the City Manager and Beverly Pruitt, the Director of Human Resources were aware of the women that Zayon has been running through his Department because Zayon is one of the folks that everyone likes to gossip about, and allegedly Chuck Rabin of the Miami Herald, before he was transferred to cover the county had also started asking questions about this.

But, Regaladoland has essentially become a corrupt swamp where just about every thing - short of having sex parties in the lobby of the MRC Building - has become acceptable.  Angel Zayon’s revolving collection of “interns” was just considered another in the long list of perks and abuses of power that come with being the Mayor’s “4th son.”


Zayon’s opportunity to essentially hide these women in plain site by bringing them in through a Temp Agency, is part of a far larger scheme that’s been in play in Regaladoland since Tomas Regalado became  Mayor.

Like the battle that has been going on in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, which have pitted  conservative Republican Governors against public employees, the City of Miami under the direction of Regalado - whose almost singular focus in attempting to balance the city’s books has been to do it on the backs of the city’s public employees - has been waging a smaller, city version of this same strategy.

The strategy in Miami appears to be loosely based on a two prong approach that involves on one hand getting rid of employees who have high wages and benefits and replacing them with full or part-time temporary employees, who are paid less and have no benefits, or trying to remove employees from the classified rolls.

At the January 12, 2012, City Commission Meeting, during a discussion to accept the bid of a Temp Agency to provide service to the City, it was my pal, Acting Assistant City Manager/Part-Time Deputy Chief of Police Luis Cabrera who admitted that the city at that point had 224 temporary employees, some of them having been on the job for several years.

In trying to put the best face on this revelation, City Manager Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez pointed out that the city’s policy when considering bringing in temp employees, was to give regular city employees who had been laid off for budgetary reasons, the first opportunity to be rehired as temporary workers, often for considerably less money and no benefits.

Of course, Miami is Miami, and the notion that these folks would be capable of carrying out a doctrinaire public policy based on a strict political philosophy fails to account for the Banana Republic aspect of just about every decision made by Regalado and his inner circle.

While they battled the employee unions in an effort to try and reduce the deficits, they also engaged in a wholesale effort to flood the city with crony hires, like Zayon.

Last year it was revealed, in large part as a result of records I had obtained and stories that I posted, that even though the City had been under a hiring freeze since 2009, close to 700 people had been hired using waivers, including such CrespoGram favorites as Madelin “Hot Lips” Pacheco, Richard LaBelle, and even Zayon himself.

The current strategy of hiring folks through a Temp Agency is on the one hand justified as an attempt to drastically reduce costs by hiring people they can pay less and evade paying benefits to, while at the same time it’s a contradictory way to ignore cutting costs by continuing to hire incompetent, unqualified crony pals and hiding these people on the rolls of the Temp agencies, thereby evading the need that would require issuing waivers to bypass the City’s 3 year hiring freeze.

Using a Temp Agency is the kind of solution that allows Regalado to claim he’s reducing costs by reducing employees, while at the same time increasing the number of  incompetent, and often no-show cronies, who are being hired on a regular basis that are actually increasing the number of people the city has on its payroll.


While Regalado and his inner circle keep firing and replacing people, Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff who waffles between  scheming against, and conspiring with Regalado, launched his own effort at the February 23, 2012, City Commission meeting to try and undo the Classified status of employees in the City Attorney’s office and Purchasing Departments.

Sarnoff’s actions were ostensibly based on a case that was heard by the Civil Service Board last year involving an Assistant City Attorney who had supposedly copied documents that she had no business looking at, much less copying, which then supposedly ended up in the hands of an employee’s  union representative.

She was fired by the City Attorney, and that decision was overturned by the Civil Service Board who reinstated her, with back pay.

This is the same crazy Civil Service Board who also overturned the firing of Meredith Nation, before they reconvened and decided that firing her was the right thing to do after all.

In any event, Sarnoff, with his usual flair for the misstatement of facts, attempted to get the other Commissioners to back his move by encouraging them to join him in taking “ownership” of this issue.

Here are the minutes of that portion of the Commission meeting.


As the discussion revealed, the process involved in trying to change the provisions of classified employees in the City Charter have been tried before without success.

There are reasonable arguments to be made on both sides of this issue, and the fact that the City Charter was written without anticipation of the kinds of staff and structural upheavals created when a city suffers crippling budget deficits for years on end warrants an open and thoughtful discussion on the overarching principles, as well as the practical implications of what it would mean to tinker with the language of the City Charter.

Again, this is Miami, where sometimes thoughtful discussion can quickly turn into bat-shit crazy soliloquies and rambling monologues that dead-end in baffled looks by Commissioners and spectators.

And that’s without the kind of devious, back-room scheming that led in this case to the placement of Resolution RE-12, inserted into the agenda for the next City Commission Meeting, to consider creating an item to be put on the November Ballot to “REMOVE CERTAIN POSITIONS FROM THE CLASSIFIED SERVICE.”

Here’s the agenda, and the backup documents, that includes, without explanation, copies of both the current City Charter and the County Charter, that the presenter obviously hopes to use as an example of  the changes he wants to propose.

Zayon never passes on an opportunity to be in a photo with a beautiful woman.

Like other examples of skullduggery - including last year’s placement of the item to rename a portion of NW/SW 12th Avenue after Katherine Fernandez-Rundle -  no one last Friday afternoon could explain how this item had gotten on the agenda, or who the sponsor was.

In fact, if you would look where you would normally find the sponsor’s identity underneath RE-12/12-00571, you’ll see “City Commission.” That’s a ruse because the “City Commission” doesn’t sponsor items, individual Commissioners do.

So once again, something that might merit serious attention if it were presented in an open and aboveboard manner, becomes another example of somebody’s effort to pull a fast one.

Don’t for one minute think that the way in which this item appeared on the agenda was just an innocent mistake on the part of some underlining in the City Manager’s office.

This was done on purpose, and we’ll see at Thursday’s Commission meeting  how it all gets spun.


In the meantime, while we wait for Thursday to arrive, let us not forget Angel Zayon, who showed up for work in December of 2010, and immediately started moonlighting every morning as the host of the La Ley Con John Ruiz TV program, for which he earned $11,400.00 during his first 4 months as a city employee before it went off of the air.

Let us not forget that little video he produced for the Razzle-Dazzle barbershop, with a guest appearance by the Mayor, as a promotional piece using the city’s resources that he immediately removed from the city’s TV channel when I revealed it’s existence.

Nor should we forget how he keeps trying to pimp out his city cars, so as to minimize the fact that he’s driving around 24/7 on the taxpayer’s dime.

Also let us not forget his forcing his wife onto Food Stamps and Welfare when she filed for divorce, or his bitch nasty attitude to just about everyone he comes in contact with, including his former colleagues in the Latin news media, who almost to a person think he’s an asshole and a dick.

And lastly, let’s not forget that he’s used his office as little more than a bus stop for the young women that he orders from the Temp Agency.

In most North American cities, and a lot of South American ones as well, this kind of bullshit behavior would have gotten Angel Zayon fired long ago.

But this is Regaladoland, and Zayon’s antics are more than enough to earn him Employee Of The Year honors. And mind you, we’re only 5 1/2 months into the year, and it’s a category where there’s already heavy competition for the title.

It’s Miami, Bitches!